ACE Software of Grove City, Ohio, has launched an integrated Master Schedule Builder/Student-Scheduling Software program for K-12 schools that builds a school’s master schedule around the students’ needs, not the teachers’, thus eliminating scheduling conflicts and the resulting frustrations, according to the company.

By focusing on the students’ requirements for classes, sections, or teams, the program eliminates the familiar late-summer “scheduling fires” that occur when students overwhelm principals and faculty by changing classes that don’t fit into their schedules. Instead, principals and teachers are able to devote time to other pursuits.

The software builds a master schedule automatically by using all student course requests and staff and room requests, then it schedules the students by placing them in class sections. All of the work is performed by the software, and data for students, sections, classes, teachers, rooms, and times are entered only once into the system. Upon completion, results can be verified within minutes and changes can be made quickly and easily, the company said.

ACE’s Student-Scheduling Software features 64 periods, or time slots, instead of the standard 8 to 16 in other student-scheduling software products, allowing schools to schedule as many block, mini, and “skinny” courses as they need.

Dennis Ashworth, principal at Glen Este High School in suburban Cincinnati, uses ACE’s Master Schedule Builder/Student-Scheduling Software to address a significant challenge. “We have five small schools with five different bell schedules, and we offer one-, two-, and three-trimester classes,” he said. “The ACE product’s flexibility and power enable us to effectively schedule each school independently.”

Master Schedule Builder/Student-Scheduling Software works on all Windows 2000 systems and beyond, as well as Unix and some versions of Linux. An application service provider (ASP) model hosted by ACE Software also is available. The ASP version costs $5.99 per student, plus the cost of training.

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