Call it rock ‘n scroll: Toshiba Corp. has launched a new tablet PC that allows users to tilt the clipboard-like computer up and down to scroll through web pages. Users reading an electronic book or digital magazine also can turn the pages manually by tilting the tablet from left to right–similar to the real thing.

The unique “dual axis accelerometer” is among several new features in the Toshiba Portege M200, the company said. Others include pen-enabled programmable buttons that allows users to launch applications with the touch of a stylus and a one-touch zooming utility. The product has a suggested retail price of $2,499, but education discounts may apply.

Tablet PCs are notebook computers with handwriting recognition so the displays become digital writing slates. Models with built-in keyboards, including this latest one from Toshiba, are sometimes also called convertibles.

Tablets are still novelty items today, but computer makers expect the mobile devices to gain traction in coming years. Microsoft Corp. launched its operating system platform for the tablet PC in November 2002, leading to numerous models, including ones from Toshiba, Hewlett-Packard Co., Gateway Inc., and Acer America Corp.

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