The term “WebQuest” has become something of a buzzword in recent years, as educators continue looking for ways to incorporate the internet into daily instruction. Although the word often is used to describe any internet-based research project, true WebQuests–as first defined by Tom March and Bernie Dodge at San Diego State University in 1995–are interactive, problem-solving activities designed to have students answer open-ended questions based on information they find online. With this new web site from Tom March, teachers and students now have access to a matrix of critically reviewed WebQuests designed around a number of core and supplementary disciplines–from basic English, math, and science quests to business, economics, and even art. Every WebQuest is categorized by subject and grade level and is evaluated on a five-star scale that includes such criteria as use of the web, use of roles and expertise, engaging writing, and overall clarity. You’ll also be able to read tips on what makes a great WebQuest and submit your own creation for review.

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