CrossTec Corp.’s NetOp School software is known for its ability to give teachers thumbnail images or full-screen views of each student’s PC to make sure students stay on task during class time. The latest version, NetOp School 3.0, now lets teachers disable student access to all programs and web site URLs except those authorized by the instructor. This new version also has the ability to record a teacher’s lessons for playback later. The DVD-like playback controls include start, pause, stop, next, skip, and zoom. In addition, the new version boasts a tool teachers can use to create interactive lesson plans that include links to demo screens, URLs, multimedia files, and more.

“NetOp School was first developed in the mid-’90s to enable a teacher to take full control of a student’s PC, mouse, and keyboard,” said Robert Rounsavall, product manager for NetOp School. “With NetOp School 3.0, it’s now easier than ever for teachers to effectively demonstrate their teaching materials, control how students interact with those resources, and monitor their progress.”

NetOp School 3.0 starts at less than $650 per classroom. A free evaluation copy is available from the CrossTec web site.

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