With the launch of Microsoft Corp.’s Tablet PC operating system in 2002, tablet computing devices have soared in popularlity. But the technology’s high price point has kept most schools from being able to afford such devices–until now.

Element Computer, a Staten Island, N.Y.-based manufacturer, has introduced a tablet PC device that runs on a Linux-based platform and costs only $999. The Helium 2100 has a 2-in-1 convertible design that transforms it from a laptop to a tablet PC. It runs on the new Desktop/LX Tablet Edition OS from Lycoris with a 1-gigahertz Antaur processor from Via Technologies. The Desktop/LX operating system reportedly is compatible with all printers, digital cameras, and components, so customers can feel as confident purchasing from Element Computer as they would from an all-Windows PC vendor, the company said.

“Being able to offer a tablet PC that people can afford is finally possible, and we are determined to bring devices like this to the masses,” said Mike Hjorleiffsson, president and founder of Element Computer.

The Helium 2100 features a 14.1-inch, touch-panel XGA active matrix display, 256 megabytes of installed memory (expandable to 1 gigabyte), 30 gigabytes of installed hard drive space (expandable to 80 GB), a wireless option, and up to three hours of battery life.

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