Grant Deadlines


$100 million for American history professional development programs

Teaching American History Grants, from the U.S. Department of Education (ED), aim to raise student achievement by improving teachers’ knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of traditional American history. Grant awards assist local educational agencies–in partnership with entities that have extensive content expertise–to develop, document, evaluate, and disseminate innovative, cohesive models of professional development. Notices of intent to apply, which are required, are due Feb. 5 and final applications are due March 2. ED expects to award 100 to 135 grants averaging about $750,000 for each three-year project.

Deadline: February 5 (for notices of intent)
Contact: Christine Miller, (202) 260-8766,

$9,000 to create the ‘perfect’ middle school science classroom

The NEC Perfect Classroom Competition, from the NEC Foundation of America, is a national competition that will give three middle-school science teachers in the United States up to $9,000 total to improve their classrooms and to enhance the learning experience for their students. Teachers are encouraged to submit video essays describing their vision for the perfect classroom. Winners will be selected and announced in conjunction with National Teacher Appreciation Week in May.

Deadline: February 9

$400 plus software for innovative, tech-based literacy instruction

The Technology in Literacy Education Grant Competition 2004 aims to inspire and foster the creative use of computer technologies in classrooms to “connect” students with literacy learning in a variety of ways. Eligible projects should use the unique capabilities of computer hardware and software applications to enhance the literacy curriculum, extend the communication capabilities of students, provide interventions, or offer students opportunities to assemble and express knowledge in authentic contexts. The grant recipient will receive up to $400 from the Technology in Literacy Education Special Interest Group (TILE SIG), plus literacy software from Don Johnston Inc. Applicants must be members of the International Reading Association and TILE SIG.

Deadline: February 9

$64 million to design, implement, and evaluate charter schools

The Charter Schools Program, from the U.S. Department of Education, funds the planning, program design, and initial implementation of charter schools–including cyber charter schools and other computer-based instructional programs–to expand the number of high-quality charter schools available to students across the nation. It also provides financial assistance to evaluate the effects of charter schools on student academic achievement, staff members, and parents. Grants are available on a competitive basis to state education agencies (SEAs) in states that have charter school laws, and SEAs in turn make subgrants to authorized public chartering agencies in partnership with developers of charter schools. If an eligible SEA elects not to participate, or if its application for funding is not approved, grants can be made directly to eligible local partnerships. Grants to SEAs average $3 million and others average $150,000. Applicants must submit a notice of intent to apply by Feb. 19, and final applications are due March 20.

Deadline: February 19 (for notices of intent)
Contact: Rik Lanzendorfer, (202) 205-9786,

Student scholarships to NASA space camp

PLATO Learning is offering a new scholarship program for middle and high school students to celebrate the launch of its newest science courseware, PLATO Life Science, and to help spur interest in science education. The PLATO Science Academy will provide a one-week, all-expenses-paid scholarship for 40 students to participate in a special customized science program at the NASA Space Center in Houston that will include working with astronauts and other NASA scientists. Schools that purchase more than $50,000 in PLATO science software automatically will qualify for one student scholarship; however, no purchase is necessary to nominate your school to receive a scholarship. PLATO also is seeking volunteers to serve as chaperones.

Deadline: February 28
Contact: (800) 44-PLATO


$10 million in cash and technology to enhance education

The Technology for Teaching Grant initiative, from Hewlett-Packard Co., supports innovative and effective uses of technology in classrooms so that students may reach their full potential, particularly in math, science, and engineering. Schools in the United States from kindergarten through university level are eligible to apply. HP will award $4.5 million in cash and equipment to teams of five teachers from 150 K-12 public schools. Each K-12 award, valued at about $35,000, will include five HP Tablet PCs, five HP multimedia projectors, HP help-desk support for one year, a $500 stipend per teacher, and customized professional development opportunities for faculty to support the use of technology in their teaching. HP also will award $5.5 million in cash and equipment to 40 two- and four-year colleges and universities. Higher-education awards will include an HP product package valued at roughly $50,000, a faculty stipend of $7,500 to work on the project integration, and one year of access to HP help-desk support.

Deadline: March 1

$1.5 million in school library security products from 3M

The 2004 “Salute to Schools” program, from 3M Corp. in conjunction with the American Association of School Librarians, aims to help reduce the loss of valuable library resources by awarding $1.5 million in security products to 100 schools across the country. Each award, with an average value of $15,000, includes up to two 3M Detection Systems for the entrance-exit of the school’s library media center and a supply of Tattle-Tape Security Strips for marking books and other print materials. Middle and high school libraries are eligible for the awards.

Deadline: March 1
Contact: (800) 545-2433, ext. 4383,

Web-based school information systems from Docutek

Enhancing Teaching and Learning with the Web Grants, from Docutek Information Systems, is intended to help budget-strapped school districts obtain technology that can save valuable time for teachers and greatly improve their communication with parents and students. Grant recipients will receive a customized version of Docutek’s web-based school information sharing system, Docutek at School, for two years. Remote web hosting of the system is included, as is training and access to a user group consisting of current and past grant recipients, as well as teachers and technology specialists at all schools using the system. With Docutek at School, teachers easily can create classroom web sites where all relevant information–such as assignments, resources, grades, schedules, and notices–can be posted, the company says. Parents and students then can log on to the sites from their home computers to get updated information.

Deadline: March 15
Contact: Dr. Philip Kesten, (650) 989-6358,

$12.5 million to improve literacy through school libraries

Schools and districts in which 20 percent of the families have incomes below the poverty line can apply for their share of an estimated $12.5 million offered through the U.S. Department of Education’s Improving Literacy through School Libraries program. Schools can use these funds to purchase and use technology that increases information literacy, information retrieval, and critical thinking skills. The money also can be used to facilitate the sharing of internet links and resources among schools and school libraries, as well as for professional development activities.

Deadline: March 29 (estimated)
Contact: Margaret McNeely, (202) 260-1335,

Win a TiVo Digital Video Recorder for your school

High school teachers who subscribe to the Public Broadcasting System’s free electronic newsletter for teachers, called “FRONTLINE Planner,” will be entered automatically to win prizes for their school and themselves. Three new subscribers each will receive a TiVo Digital Video Recorder for their school to record programs for use in the classroom, as well as a free subscription to the TiVo service for the lifetime of the product. In addition, the subscribing teacher will receive a $50 Staples gift certificate. Another three winners each will receive three films of their choice from the FRONTLINE archives and a $50 Staples gift certificate.

Deadline: March 31


Up to $5,000 per award in math learning materials from Digi-Block

The Digi-Block Grant Program, from Digi-Block Inc., allows teachers and groups of teachers to apply for Digi-Block Learning System materials and training valued up to $5,000 per award. Funded programs may include curriculum development and implementation projects, staff development and training, after-school programs or co-curricular activities, and innovative assessment techniques that use the Digi-Block Learning System. Applicants must describe how the Digi-Block Learning System will be used in their classroom or school to enhance math education.

Deadline: April 9

Free software, computer equipment, and training for taking the ‘Discourse Challenge’

The Discourse Challenge, from Hewlett-Packard Co. and Educational Testing Service (ETS), asks educators to try the Discourse Starter Edition from ETS in their classrooms for 30 days, then write a 500-word essay that describes the benefits of Discourse in helping improve teacher productivity and student learning outcomes. ETS will choose five finalists to win a free trip to the 2004 National Educational Computing Conference (NECC) in New Orleans, a Discourse site license, and training. The company then will choose one winner from among the five finalists during a reception at NECC to receive a Discourse-equipped mobile classroom system and training from HP.

Deadline: April 15

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