Intel expands its support for ed-tech initiatives

Chip maker Intel Corp. has expanded its stable of free, online resources for educators with the addition of three new tools intended to promote the effective use of technology in education. The resources, first announced at the National School Boards Association’s Technology + Learning conference last fall, include “Design and Discovery,” a program to encourage student interest in engineering through a series of classroom handouts and mentoring activities; “Learning with Handhelds,” a collection of learning projects that integrate handhelds into the classroom, including instructional examples appropriate for different grade levels and subject areas; and the “Intel Innovation in Education Institutes,” a series of face-to-face training sessions where teachers show other teachers how to incorporate these and other resources into their curriculum. The institutes target those who are responsible for providing professional development in the use of technology, use a hands-on lab environment, and are lead by experienced facilitators. The new Intel web resources are part of the Intel Innovation in Education Initiative, which aims to improve the quality of science, mathematics, technology, and engineering education by helping students develop the higher-level thinking skills they need to participate and succeed in a knowledge-based economy, the company said.

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