Teach media literacy with the aid of this new online resource

“Five questions that can change the world.” That’s what educators are calling the Five Key Questions that form the basis of the new “MediaLit Kit,” an educational framework and curriculum guide developed by the Center for Media Literacy. Adaptable to all grades, the Five Key Questions are designed to help children and teens critique and challenge the thousands of media messages bombarding them daily, the center contends. “We live in increasingly complex times, and unless we teach our children how to read about, watch, interpret, understand, and analyze the day’s events, we risk raising a generation of civic illiterates, political ignoramuses, and uncritical consumers, vulnerable not only to crackpot ideas, faulty reasoning, and putative despots but fraudulent sales pitches and misleading advertising claims,” wrote Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist David Shaw in a Nov. 30 Los Angeles Times editorial endorsing the service. Now, nearly two years in the making, the MediaLit Kit provides an overview of the core elements in the burgeoning field of media literacy education, as well as powerful and practical implementation tools for classrooms from kindergarten to college.

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