The people who created AskERIC–a personalized internet service providing information and assistance to teachers, librarians, counselors, administrators, and parents–have announced a new service and name to replace the resources educators have come to depend on for more than a decade. Although the U.S. Department of Education discontinued the AskERIC service as of Dec. 19, school leaders and other education stakeholders still will have access to the rich array of information contained by the service’s parent organization, the Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC). Through the new Educator’s Reference Desk, you can access AskERIC’s 2,000-plus lesson plans, 3,000-plus links to online education information, and 200-plus question archive responses. The question-and-answer service is no longer active, but the Educator’s Reference Desk does include a search interface to the ERIC Database, providing access to more than one million bibliographic records on educational research, theory, and practice.

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