Here’s a tip for you:

I, like a lot of your readers, would appreciate it if you could keep your reporting to the news, and spend less of your time giving us your view of the politics. I know education is one of the last bastions of the liberal elite, but there is more to the news than Bush-bashing in every story (“Bush’s ’05 budget trims tech,” March 2004), every contrived poll (“By the Numbers: Democrats beat Bush in eSN Primary,” March 2004), etc.

I enjoy your wide-ranging coverage. It’s good. I appreciate that.

I don’t enjoy having to put on my filters to read your newsletter. I also don’t enjoy having to rearrange the paragraphs in your story to get the real storyline; you tend to lead with the Bush-bashing paragraphs and then, at the end of the story, mention other details that might accidentally make Bush look good.

–Mark S. Williams , President, Executive Intelligence Inc., Lakewood, Colo.

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