Test and evaluate your internet connections with these free online utilities

From internet performance management and security solutions provider Visualware comes a new web portal featuring four free online tools that internet users can use to check their online connection speed, trace IP addresses, and identify their system configurations. One of the tools now available on the site, VisualRoute, is being used in schools, colleges, and universities across the nation to illustrate how the World Wide Web works. With VisualRoute, students can view the results of trace-route, ping, and who-is utilities in one easy-to-read table. VisualRoute also has the unique ability to identify the geographical location of routers, servers, and other IP devices, and plot the path on a world map. In addition, the software helps computer users detect problems within their own networks and see how packets of information move along the internet backbone. If a particular web site is slow to load or unavailable, a VisualRoute trace can show the location of a server or router causing the problem. Other tools include MySpeed, a real-time test of your download and upload connection speeds; CPUInfo, which provides quick verification of your system’s key parameters, such as processor speed, model number, and cache settings; and WhoAmI, a tool that lets you quickly verify your computer’s internet connectivity diagnostics, including operating system type and version, local and external IP addresses, internet gateway, and web access.

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