I appreciated Mark Williams’ letter to the editor in the April 2004 edition of eSchool News (“Quit your ‘Bush-bashing'”). I, too, find it very tiresome and out of place for your publication to be so politically bent. I am a rural school superintendent who does not completely agree with No Child Left Behind; however, if I want political analysis and rhetoric, I can find it on the evening news and talk radio. What I would really appreciate is if publications such as eSchool News would focus on solutions rather than criticism. This is what I encourage teachers, commuity members, administrators, and school board members to do as well.

–Jeffrey Clark, Superintendent, Cove School District, Cove, Ore.

While I appreciate you articles on technology and information about upcoming grants, your front-page political editorials make me less likely to get beyond the front page. I already receive several magazines that include political news. This is not the reason that I choose to receive eSchool News.

–Charles Kinsella, Technology Director, Dixon High School, Dixon, Ill.

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