Designed to make learning about United States history fun, this latest web site from the Library of Congress is a monthly magazine-style publication that features short articles about a handful of historical events or people each month, complete with a brief history and links to primary-source materials and other background information from the Library’s extensive online archives. The titles of each section often are provocative and are intended to spark interest: “It Could Have Caused ‘The Greatest Chaos in America,'” from the April edition, profiles the work of Ainsworth Rand Spofford in centralizing the nation’s copyright registration process. Other April features expound the establishment of the National Park Service, the history of relations between the United States and Brazil, and the papers of Supreme Court Associate Justice Harry A. Blackmun. One of the most popular online resources provided by the federal government, the Library of Congress web site offers students and teachers access to rare and historical prints, photographs, films, audio recordings, maps, manuscripts, music, books, and other digital materials.

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