Build and share lessons online with this new Carnegie Foundation resource

The Carnegie Foundation has created a way for teachers to organize classroom activities, learning materials, and lesson plans into one succinct, easy-to-use online format. The KEEP (Knowledge, Exchange, Exhibition, Presentation) toolkit is a set of web-based tools to help teachers, students, and institutions create compact and engaging knowledge representations on the web, quickly and easily. KEEP gives educators the power to select and organize teaching and learning materials, including course syllabi, class assignments, examples of students’ work, online group discussions, and personal reflections. Educators also can engage in the prompt analysis of lessons by using online templates that provide conceptual frameworks, categories, and guiding prompts or questions to assess effectiveness. The site even contains a set of tools to make lessons more visually appealing and engaging for students. Plus, it enables users to share ideas for peer review, assessment, the collective building of knowledge, and other purposes to advance teaching and learning as a community of practice and reflection. The idea, according to KEEP’s developers, is to simplify the technical tasks associated with present-day classroom instruction and facilitate the evolving intellectual processes of knowledge building and sharing.

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