New “issue guides” encourage students to form their own opinions on national policy

Young voters and students of public policy can get acquainted with the issues before hitting the polls this November with a series of free voter guides courtesy of The New York Times Learning Network and Public Agenda, a nonpartisan public policy outfit whose goal is to educate citizens about government policy. Available on the New York Times Learning Network web site, the guides provide resources for students to investigate the dilemma of rising health-care costs, form their own opinions about the economy, learn about the war on terror, and confront other politically charged issues likely to be at the heart of November’s presidential elections. The nonpartisan issue guides are designed for use by young voters, students, and teachers and are written from the viewpoint of citizens rather than candidates or advocates. Produced by Public Agenda, the series is supported by the Carnegie Corp. of New York. The New York Times Learning Network is updated Monday through Friday throughout the year and uses the day’s New York Times to help bring current events into the classroom.

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