With the release of its May 2004 issue, “AccessWorld,” the American Foundation for the Blind’s technology magazine, is now a free, internet-only publication. AccessWorld features objective evaluations of assistive technology and the accessibility of mainstream products. Special-needs instructors and others can read unbiased reviews of screen readers, screen magnifiers, optical character recognition (OCR) systems, video magnifiers, personal data assistants (PDAs), cell phones, electronic voting machines, music production software, and more. Readers who are blind or visually impaired can download “braille embosser-ready” files that have been translated and formatted to be sent directly to their braille printers. Highlights of the May issue include a roundup of the 2004 Technology and Persons with Disabilities conference, the largest assistive technology conference in the business; a review of three screen readers; and an introduction to web design for the visually impaired. Previous issues dating back to January 2000 are also available online.