From the Council for Educational Change (CEC) and the Accelerated School Administrator Program, an individualized professional development initiative that prepares school administrators and teachers to be effective leaders and educators, comes the Educational Leadership Assessment, a set of multiple-choice tests intended primarily for individuals holding a master’s degree in education. The online tests are intended to determine whether candidates have sufficient and appropriate knowledge and experience to become a part of an educational leadership program–and whether they can make clear and appropriate decisions based on theoretical knowledge. A series of test questions is intended to probe candidates’ knowledge of leadership theory and their application of knowledge to practical questions. CEC hopes the online tool will help both aspiring and veteran principals who want to improve their skills to meet the professional development goals of No Child Left Behind; enable districts to maximize professional development resources where they are needed; and save schools and districts on the costs of travel, meeting space, and substitute teachers when evaluating the potential for veteran teachers to become school leaders. Assessments are web-based and take 30 minutes each to complete, with the exception of the technology literacy component, which takes 70 minutes, officials said.

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