NECC 2004: Library systems and technologies

More than 450 companies were at this year’s NECC displaying their technology solutions for educators. Here are some of the highlights of companies’ products related to library systems and technologies:

Encyclopaedia Britannica announced that it will introduce an improved version of Britannica Online School Edition for K-12 schools in the fall. The new release will sport a more user-focused look and organization that will make it easier and more efficient to use, the company said. It also will offer greater alignment with the school curriculum. “It’ll be very useful, particularly for younger readers,” said Britannica senior vice president Patti Ginnis. “Kids of every age will find that their section really is designed for them.” Teachers will welcome the correlation of encyclopedia articles to state and national curriculum standards, the company said, adding that the fall release will have a database of standards organized by subject and state and featuring direct links to encyclopedia articles relevant to the standards.

News from the exhibit hall

  • NECC roundup: CEOs get behind ed-tech
  • Assessment and instructional management
  • Communications and audio
  • Curriculum and software
  • Digital imaging and creativity
  • Hardware and peripherals
  • Online learning and research
  • Presentation solutions
  • Professional development
  • School administrative solutions
  • Security and network management
  • ProQuest Information and Learning announced the launch of an updated version of the award-winning ProQuest online information service, set for release in mid-July. ProQuest Information and Learning, a unit of ProQuest Company, creates and publishes databases for libraries and educational institutions worldwide. Many new features will be part of the release. ProQuest Smart Search will tap into ProQuest’s powerful indexing to analyze a user’s search and then offer suggestions for related topics and publications at the top of the results screen. The same technology will enable users to browse topics in most ProQuest databases. Users also will be able to use eMail to send and receive multiple articles in a single eMail message from ProQuest; eMail My Research Summary, a highly refined version of the marked list feature; and eMail formatted bibliographies.

    To enable a district’s schools to share the same library catalog and facilitate inter-library loans, Sagebrush Corp. launched an update of its centralized library automation system, Sagebrush Accent. The latest version features a simplified, more intuitive interface suitable for K-12 students, as well as experienced and novice librarians alike. It also has updated reports that can be printed on demand or saved to a spreadsheet or PDF file, an easy-to-use cataloging editor, a smoother workflow when checking items in and out, and new inventory functionality that guides librarians through a step-by-step process.

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