I want to thank you for the wonderful article on the gains that are being made in the field of assistive technology that appeared in your May 2004 issue (“White House heralds gains for assistive technologies,” http://www.eschoolnews
). It is really an exciting time to be involved in this dynamic field and to see what can happen to students with disabilities who have access to these very powerful tools.

I did want to clarify that under [the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act], public schools are mandated to “consider” assistive technology for all students with a disability. However, this does not necessarily mean that all students need an assistive technology assessment, as was stated in the article. I would hope that all public schools would understand the legal mandate for “consideration” and are discussing the need for assistive technology at Child Study Team and I.E.P. meetings.
–Brian S. Friedlander, Publisher, Inclusion Times, Port Murray, N.J.

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