When it comes to integrating technology into schools and curricula, you face pressures that were unimaginable just a generation ago.

How many computers do my schools need? What kind of software should I buy? How will I comply with data-reporting requirements in the No Child Left Behind Act?

These questions would have sounded like gibberish to a previous generation, but they are some of the real concerns you confront every day. Fortunately, just as technology has created new problems, it also enables us to address these issues, not in isolation, but as a dynamic community of educators.

As the new editor of eSchool News Online, I will strive to understand your needs and make it easy for you to navigate the site in a way that addresses those needs.

When it comes to the media, only the internet is a two-way street, and I invite you and all our print readers to become a greater part of eSchool News Online.

So the first link I offer you is this one: ddavid@eschoolnews.org. That’s my eMail address. Feel free to write and tell me the sort of information you want to see on the site.

Long before I got here, eSchool News Online had begun to address the needs of specific educators through our comprehensive Educator’s Resource Center (ERC). Today, we can direct our site’s members and visitors to solutions for many of your greatest challenges, enabling you and your colleagues to find a wealth of highly relevant information, all linked off one page.

Say, for example, you are interested in the No Child Left Behind Act, but only as it relates to data management. Rather than sift through countless articles about NCLB, you can go straight to the eSN Online ERC and find an index of articles on that very topic. This is the beauty of the ERC.

This month, you’ll find complete indexes for the following topics:

Several leading education technology companies have made it possible for eSchool News Online to present these resources, including RAE Internet, Sprint, JDL Technologies, SBC, Mitsubishi, SAS in School, Pearson NCS, Dell, and Sagebrush Corp. You can check out all of the available topics at the following link: http://www.eschoolnews.org/erc/Challenges/.

One education challenge is so universal as to demand a complete section of eSchool News Online all to itself: The new Professional Development Resource Center (PDRC) is now available to you at http://www.eschoolnews.org/professionaldevelopment.

This new resource center features online access to general education courses from CaseNEX, an organization founded by education professors at the prestigious University of Virginia, and high-tech courses and technical journals from ElementK, a global leader in technology eLearning. Just as the ERC lets you target your browsing on a specific topic of interest, the PDRC gives you, your faculty, and your staff the opportunity to enroll in any of more than 100 online courses.

The ERC and PDRC are just the beginning for eSchool News Online. As always, you’ll find original ed-tech news, refreshed every school day; comprehensive, free information on grants and funding; educator forums, and an Online Store featuring important books, periodicals, and more.

As you visit the site today and in the coming months, you’ll realize that in our eyes, you are not an “average reader.” Your particular areas of interest will not get lost in the shuffle, and you’ll have the ability to notify us about the topics you want covered in greater detail.

See you online,

Daniel L. David
Online Editor