Students can explore ancient artifacts and piece together the past by logging on to The Archaeology Channel. This streaming media site, sponsored by the nonprofit Archaeological Legacy Institute (ALI), aims to prepare future generations of students by painting a clearer picture of the past. Recent videos include a short educational documentary chronicling the explorations of several elementary-age students at Galvez Primary School in Prairieville, La., as they embarked on a study of historical landmarks throughout their home state. Other video features include snippets of student archaeological exploits in California, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, and Kentucky. “Through The Archaeology Channel, you’ll experience the thrill of discovery and stand in awe of artifacts and monuments from times long past,” says ALI founder Rick Pettigrew. “You’ll wonder at the achievements and insights of our ancestors as they became aware of themselves, learned how to organize for the common good of growing populations, invented ways to adapt to ever-changing environments, developed language and artistic expression, migrated to every corner of our planet, and turned their eyes upward to the stars.”

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