Yet another blog, or web log, for educators, “Eduwonk”–part of the Progressive Policy Institute’s 21st Century Schools Project–gives educators a mix of edgy commentary and analysis culled from several of the nation’s leading news sources, providing tech-savvy educators with a place to cut through the political spin and get to the meat of those issues affecting the nation’s schools. According to PPI’s web site, Eduwonk already has received critical acclaim from journalists. Slate’s Mickey Kaus credited the blog with tackling “a potentially mindfogging subject with cutting clarity,” and The New Republic’s Ryan Lizza, who called Eduwonk “a very smart blog,” said that for readers trying “to separate the demagogic attacks on NCLB from the serious criticism, this is the site to read.” Through research, publications and articles, a regular electronic newsletter, and work with policy makers and practitioners, the 21st Century Schools Project supports initiatives to strengthen accountability, increase equity, improve teacher quality, and expand choice and innovation within public education.

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