History, art, and even language-arts teachers might find this web site from the Advertising Council of interest. “Campaigns that Have Made a Difference” takes a detailed look at some of history’s most influential public-service announcements, including their historical significance and the reasons they were so effective. Video clips and graphics accompany many of the featured ads. Among the highlights are a 38-year effort by the War Advertising Council that persuaded 85 million Americans to purchase more than $35 billion in savings bonds toward U.S. military efforts from 1942-1980; another campaign by the War Advertising Council that created the memorable catchphrase “Loose Lips Sink Ships”; Rosie the Riveter, the most successful advertising recruitment campaign in American history, a powerful symbol that helped to recruit two million women into the workforce to support the war economy while at the same time forever changing the relationship between women and the workplace; and an analysis of the long-running Smokey the Bear forest fire prevention campaign, which is credited with helping reduce the number of acres lost to forest fires in the United States from 22 million at its inception in 1944 to 4 million today.

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