The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health has created a new educational web site that focuses on global warming and other environmental threats and their links to human health problems. Called EcoHealth, the site offers cutting-edge science based on graduate-level course material from Johns Hopkins. Presented in a visually vibrant and lively format, the site features photos, diagrams, maps and video clips, standards-based lesson plans, a news page, and a glossary with many terms not yet found in household dictionaries. “It is vital for students of all ages to discuss issues that directly influence their lives and health. We believe that the EcoHealth web site helps sort the science from the sound bites and demonstrates the connections between human health and environmental changes in our own back yard and on the other side of the world,” said Marjorie L. Share, creative and content director of EcoHealth and former director of education at the Smithsonian Institution and the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum. “Students and teachers who have tested the site have been extremely enthusiastic.” The site covers topics such as how climate change can spark extreme weather, including violent storms, floods, droughts, and hurricanes; solutions to global warming; international and individual efforts to protect the ozone layer; how human actions disrupt the balance of nature; secrets of animal behavior that could boost human health; the promises and perils of genetic engineering, industrial farming, reliance on chemicals, and the growth of fish farming; fighting diseases without borders; and more. The Pan American and World Health Organizations are partners on the web site, and a Spanish translation will be online later this fall.

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