From the National Institutes of Health (NIH) comes a new series of web-based instructional units meant to help students explore the latest in cutting-edge science discoveries. The NIH Curriculum Supplement Series tackles topics ranging from cell biology, cancer, and infectious diseases to human genetic variation, sleep disorders, neurobiology, addiction, chemicals, the environment, and more. Each unit’s lessons are aligned with National Science Education Standards. Primarily geared toward students in middle and high schools, with select resources for elementary students, each teacher-approved unit includes inquiry-based activities and extensive background materials for teachers. In a unit on “Human Genetic Variation,” for example, students are invited to assume the role of employees at a pharmaceutical company developing new drugs. A game helps show the links between genetic variation, environmental factors, and disease prevention, and a family’s case study on genetic variation testing illustrates the difficult moral and social questions this issue raises for society.

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