The HOBO Energy Challenge is a new contest program that challenges K-12 teachers and students to use HOBO data loggers to find examples of energy waste in their school. The contest is designed to promote energy awareness within schools while offering students of all ages a fun, hands-on science learning experience with HOBO data loggers. A data logger is a simple-to-use, portable electronic recording device that can be set up in minutes to monitor light usage, room temperature, and relative humidity. Accompanying software turns the energy usage data into colorful, time-stamped graphs that indicate, for example, when lights were on or off and what room temperatures were during the night. Classrooms that investigate and document at least one example of energy waste win a complete HOBO data logger system ($200 value). An entire classroom set of HOBO data loggers ($1,000 value) will be awarded to elementary, middle, and high school classrooms that make the greatest effort to investigate energy waste.

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