Become an expert on education policy with this internet resource from ASU

From the Education Policy Studies Lab (EPSL) at Arizona State University comes a research tool designed to help educators, policy makers, and other stakeholders understand key aspects of national education policy. Directed by Professor Alex Molnar, EPSL conducts and coordinates original research in areas such as student performance standards, assessment, commercialism in schools, curriculum, and language policy issues. The research is conducted and disseminated online through three specialized units: the Commercialism in Education Unit, the only research unit in the world dedicated to exploring commercialism in the schoolhouse; the Education Policy Research Unit, which provides independent analyses of research and policy documents to help inform the public debate about education policy issues; and the Language Policy Research Unit, which confronts the challenges and opportunities posed by learning in an international context. Educators interested in deepening their understanding of the policy issues facing America’s schools will find several scholarly publications and journal articles covering topics from the privatization of public education to policy briefs on large-scale school reform initiatives.

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