Follow career professionals from the convenience of home or school with “Virtual Job Shadow”

Students can catch a glimpse of their professional futures with the aid of Virtual Job Shadow. This comprehensive online resource invites students to explore a myriad of different job fields to help them choose the career path that’s best for them. Using the site’s Virtual Career Library, students can watch short video interviews conducted with leading business executives and discover how to prepare for the career of their dreams. Users can learn what qualifications are needed to become a mechanical engineer versus an advertising executive; find out how much schooling and experience is needed to enter the corporate world as a financial analyst or computer technician; or locate a mentor to serve as a guide through the learning process. During their search, students will find answers to common questions, such as: How much money should they expect to make? What will their new job entail? And what is the outlook for the future? For educators, the site lists strategies designed to link classroom lessons to popular job choices and to help students understand how the lessons they learn in class can be applied to life in the boardroom and beyond.

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