Help students warm up to science education with this hands-on weather project

Courtesy of the Center for Innovation in Engineering and Science Education at the Stevens Institute of Technology in New Jersey, “Weather Scope” is an educational project that couples real-time online weather data with hands-on learning activities and projects designed to make students think critically about such weather conditions as temperature, wind, and precipitation. During the course of the project, students will be asked to construct graphs, analyze complex barometric charts, and give local weather reports based on what they’ve learned. Students will learn how to create weather instruments and how to locate real-time weather information from around the world using the internet, and lessons will help students understand the difference between weather and climate, explain cloud classification, and explore the nature of severe storms. Each lesson gives a recommended time for completion, and each of the core activities is designed to be used in a 45-minute class period. A detailed Teacher Guide contains printable blueprints for each of the lessons and offers a list of curriculum standards that are satisfied by the projects, as well as other related project information. Students and teachers are welcome to submit work for publication in the Student Gallery. The site also contains a reference section with related links. The project is recommended for students in grades 5-8 but can be implemented at the ninth through 12th-grade levels, too.

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