Nude photos found on former football team web site

Fans scanning the internet for information about the high school football team in Fort Walton Beach, Fla., are instead finding pictures of naked women after a booster club let the domain name for its web site lapse.

“Somebody dropped the ball,” said Ricky Mattox, who helped start the web site four years ago when he was president of the Fort Walton Beach High School Touchdown Club.

The site changed hands when the club unknowingly let it lapse. In July, Beta Corp., based in Ukraine, purchased the name. Within weeks the site was filled with risque pictures and links to other sex-themed web sites.

It also briefly remained linked to the Okaloosa School District’s web site.

“The day it went up, it was only on for an hour, hour and a half,” said Fort Walton Beach High School Principal Alexis Tibbetts. “We killed that link immediately, within minutes of finding it. … It’s very raunchy.”

Touchdown Club president Johnnie Ford said the club hopes to buy the name back soon. A price of $250 has been discussed. He said he was unaware anything needed to be done to maintain control of the site.

“We just assumed that the school was paying for it,” Ford said. “Nobody’s been paying any bills, and there’s no record of it anywhere.”

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