Parents can track students’ progress in real time with this free online tool

Teachers looking to involve parents more in their students’ academic progress have a new online resource at their disposal. With Engrade, teachers can post students’ grades, upcoming assignments, and attendance records online, to be viewed in real time. The program requires no installation and can be accessed free of charge by signing up for a private account. Features include an automatic grade calculator, customizable grading scales, and weighted assignment categories that enable teachers to assign a relative value to tests, classwork, and homework assignments against a percentage of students’ final grades. Teachers who use the program have the ability to update multiple classes and grade levels from a single account. Educators also can print out individual grade reports for use in student conferences. With Engrade’s eMail feature, students and parents can choose to have incremental grade reports delivered to their in-boxes on a weekly basis. Other features include an online calendar to help students plan for upcoming assignments and an attendance tool designed to let parents know whether their students are attending class or playing hooky. All data are password-protected and hosted on secure servers.

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