With its instructional movies and interactive exhibits, “Science of Music” sounds like a winner

Why does your voice sound so good in the shower? What happens when an “ear-worm” wiggles its way into your subconscious? How do opera singers carry notes that seem to last forever? These are just a few of the questions students will be able to answer when they log on to “Science of Music,” an exhibit of the Exploratorium, an online science museum that boasts more than 15 million visitors per year. Science of Music explains the mystery of sound through an eclectic mix of graphics, instructional movies, and interactive, hands-on exhibits. Students can learn about the history of African step music and even create their own routine reminiscent of the popular Broadway show “Stomp.” Other resources include an online drum studio and a sound mixer, where students can mix their own beats. In the movie section, students will learn about the delicate art of tuning and discover why the oboe is one of the most important instruments in an orchestra. Plus, exotic instrument builder and composer Peter Whitehead explains how he fashioned the Heart Banjo from a baking tin and invented the Lawn Lyre from an old lawnmower part and an oil pan.

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