Measure your readiness to handle a crisis with the “School Safety Assessment Tool”

In honor of National Emergency Preparedness Month in September, Prepared America–the provider of a comprehensive set of online emergency preparation and planning tools for schools and first responders–announced that it is making its “School Safety Assessment Tool” available online at no charge. The tool’s purpose is to make school leaders aware of the basics of school safety while assessing their preparedness in dealing with a crisis. It aims to help school leaders answer difficult questions that will need to be addressed in an emergency situation, such as: Do you know who is in charge during an emergency situation? Where is your school’s emergency contact information located, and is it easily accessible? Is your school’s emergency contact information current? What is your school’s formal procedure for communicating to concerned parents? “Taking a proactive step in school safety preparation is imperative to effectively and efficiently communicate and execute a plan during a crisis situation–and we hope that our assessment tool will raise this awareness,” said Janis Fairchild, president of Prepared America. To access the School Safety Assessment Tool, go to Prepared America’s web site and click on “Get Prepared.”

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