More than 200 ed-tech companies exhibited at this year’s T+L² Conference. Here’s a sampling of news from the exhibitors offering network administration tools:

8e6 Technologies, a supplier of internet filtering and reporting appliances, showcased a new, smaller filtering appliance. The product, dubbed the R3000 MSA (for “Mid-Size Appliance”), is a lower-priced alternative to 8e6’s larger, enterprise-level filtering appliances. “We’ve had a demand from both smaller school districts and the small and medium business segment to design a product specifically for them,” said Paul Myer, president and chief operating officer of 8e6 Technologies. “The R3000 MSA fills this need effectively and at an attractive price point.” The company also announced the release of a new version of its R3000 software that boasts three new filtering categories (education cheating, tobacco, and spyware) and a Google Safe Search function to block access to inappropriate content within the Google search engine.

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    ENA promoted its customized network solutions for K-12 schools, including school network design, deployment, performance monitoring, and management; advanced eMail, filtering, and caching services; 24-hour tech support services; and network and eRate consulting. Through its education partners, ENA also provides web-based professional development for educators, high-bandwidth distance education solutions, online lesson planning tools, and more.

    Exhibitor information compiled and written by Online Editor Dan David, Managing Editor Dennis Pierce, Associate Editor Cara Branigan, Assistant Editor Corey Murray, and Contributing Editor Laura Ascione.

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