$60,000 to support exemplary school-business partnerships

The Council for Corporate & School Partnerships is accepting applications for its 2005 National School and Business Partnerships Awards, which recognize outstanding examples of collaboration between businesses and schools to improve the student educational experience. The Council presents six awards per year. Those selected for the award receive national recognition, and the schools or districts receive $10,000 to support their partnership efforts. Applications are judged using a number of criteria, including: (1) The strength of the partnership’s foundation, as evidenced by shared values, and the school and business partner’s ability to define mutually beneficial goals; (2) The success of the partnership’s implementation, as evidenced by such factors as the management process and determination of specific, measurable outcomes; (3) The partnership’s sustainability, based on such factors as support by school and business leaders and by teachers, employees, students, and other constituents; and (4) The partners’ ability to present a clear evaluation of the partnership’s impact, as measured by evidence that the partnership was developed with clear definitions of success for all parties, and that it has resulted in improvements of the academic, social, or physical well-being of students. Judges may also consider the uniqueness of the partnership and the value of third-party support.

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