The Smithsonian Institution has upgraded its central education web site to include a wealth of new educational content for students ages 6-12, including interactive activities, homework help, and games for all disciplines–from art and history to science and space. Updated features include Explore and Learn, an online gateway to dozens of interactive and educational Smithsonian web sites for kids; Smithsonian Kids, a site that invites younger learners to see and explore many of the artifacts preserved by the Smithsonian over the years; Apollo 11, an interactive feature that takes student learners back to the days of Neil Armstrong and examines the state of science, politics, and technology during the days when man first set foot on the moon; and Mr. President, a resource created in response to the 2004 presidential elections, which provides resources that include brief biographies of our country’s leaders and portraits of current and former presidential figures. Overall, the web site–which features separate sections for children, families, and teachers–contains resources from 18 Smithsonian museums, the National Zoo, and the Smithsonian’s many research centers.