Students who sign on to participate in NASA’s Engineering Design Challenges Program will encounter many of the same challenges faced by some of NASA’s top scientists and engineers, as they compete to design the next generation of space vehicles, habitats, and futuristic technologies. Working under the supervision of their teachers, students design, build, test, redesign, and rebuild high-tech models depicting all sorts of out-of-this-world technologies–from the electrodynamic propulsion systems used to power spacecraft to satellites and thermal protection devices. Each challenge encourages middle and high school students to participate in classroom activities meant to simulate the actual design, testing, and evaluation process used by real-life engineers in developing these and other cutting-edge technologies. The goal is to encourage students to apply analytical skills to improve their designs, according to the site. Teachers who wish to participate in the program with their students should download the Educator Resource Guide for the challenge they wish to conduct and use it as a blueprint for carrying out the challenge with their students. At the end of the program, participating students are asked to prepare a presentation describing their findings.