The purpose of this program is to improve students’ reading skills with up-to-date school library materials; well-equipped, technologically advanced school library media centers; and well-trained, professionally certified school library media specialists. Applicants must demonstrate the need for school library media improvement, based on the age and condition of school library media resources. Activities included in the application should relate to acquiring up-to-date media resources, including books; acquiring advanced technology, incorporated into the school curricula, to develop and enhance information literacy, information retrieval, and critical thinking skills of students; and professional development that improves literacy in grades K-3, as well as professional development for school library media specialists as described in the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA). The applicant must demonstrate the use of scientifically based research as defined in the ESEA. Applicants will also be evaluated on the data analysis system in place for the proposed project activities.

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