IntelliTools Inc., a longtime maker of assistive technology solutions for schools, has launched an upgraded version of its IntelliShare Classroom Activity Exchange. This free service provides an online community where users of the IntelliTools Classroom Suite, as well as program authors and other stakeholders, can gather to discuss their ideas, contribute to ongoing discussions, and download activities designed to help students in the classroom. Its features include free membership; activity sharing, a new upload feature that makes any activity instantly available for downloading; user messaging, through which members can contact other users to share ideas, impressions, and techniques; and a rating feature that enables stakeholders to post comments and share their insights on featured activities with other educators. When searching for potential classroom activities on the site, users can select from either regular or advanced search options covering grade level, curriculum area, and author. Plus, an activity-tracking feature lets users keep track of the activities they upload or download through the site–and a reward points program gives active participants a chance to earn points redeemable for IntelliTools products and training services for use in their schools.

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