Called “the internet’s premier source for bridging the digital divide,” the newly expanded and upgraded Digital Divide Network invites educators and other community leaders to link up with more than 3,000 people in over 80 countries in hopes of bringing the promise of technology and education to underserved communities across the globe. Activist educators can use the network’s resources to build their own online communities by publishing a blog, sharing documents and discussions with colleagues, announcing news and events, participating in webcasts, and even submitting articles for publication. Connect with peers and interested parties from around the world to share ideas, form partnerships, and develop new strategies for bringing technology and education to struggling communities in every corner of the world. Featured discussion threads include such topics as disaster relief, literacy and learning, community technology, the digital divide, and more. The site is maintained by the nonprofit Education Development Center, an international organization dedicated to building bridges between research, policy, and practice, while advancing learning and healthy development for individuals of all ages.