The Jacob K. Javits program focuses on providing support for programs that serve gifted and talented students, particularly those students who are economically disadvantaged, who have disabilities, or who have limited English speaking skills. The competition is designed to support state departments of education, local school districts, or partnerships between the two that spur innovative professional development opportunities for teachers and educational opportunities for gifted and talented students. A portion of the grant funds are being made available this year for applicants who provide challenging, high-level course work, disseminated through technology (which may include distance education), for individual students or groups of students in schools and local educational agencies that would not otherwise have the resources to provide such course work. The estimated size of the grant awards will range from $200,000 to $400,000. The deadline is April 4, 2004, for notice of intent to apply, and April 22, 2005, for transmittal of applications.

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