The Safe Schools/Healthy Students Initiative is a discretionary grant program that provides students, schools, and communities with federal funding to implement a plan of activities, programs, and services that focus on promoting healthy childhood development and preventing violence, alcohol, and other drug abuse. The purpose of the grant is to enhance and expand existing partnerships. The applicant should demonstrate that a school-community partnership with local law enforcement, public mental health, and juvenile justice agencies has been in existence for six or more months prior to submission of the application. Applicants should address how the partnership will make decisions, operate, communicate, share information and resources, overcome barriers, increase levels and intensity of collaboration, and plan for mutual sustainability of the comprehensive plan. Grant funds will be made available to search for and close any security gaps, test security devices and procedures, perform maintenance, and update technology. The maximum award for rural and Bureau of Indian Affairs schools is $1 million. The maximum award for suburban schools is $2 million, and the maximum award for urban schools is $3 million.

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