In 2002, the report says, the district introduced online reports that were easy to understand and query. The new electronic tools gave teachers “easy access with cross-tab options, historical data, and custom data views.” The data then could be easily analyzed.

Before Lemon Grove launched its multiple measures matrix, teachers were asked to test the system. Those involved found it difficult to use. Once administrators realized teachers would never use the system, the district switched to one that was more user-friendly. The teachers now have ubiquitous access to all the data resources.

Access to student achievement data has helped Lemon Grove schools improve dramatically. The district was able to design and install an effective new literacy program as a result of data analysis made possible by the system. According to the report, seven out of the eight schools in Lemon Grove were performing poorly by California state standards before the data analysis technology was put into place. Now, three out of four Title 1 schools in Lemon Grove reportedly have been declared high-achieving by those same state standards.

“The culture of our district is that we can get better in our classrooms,” said Jeri McInerney, director of educational services at Lemon Grove.


CoSN’s Data Driven Decision Making Initiative: Vision to Do and Know