As more and more schools have begun using laptops as a means to provide students with the kind of anytime, anywhere learning that is needed to revolutionize education in the digital millennium, an online blog has emerged to help educators keep tabs on the latest laptop initiatives and see how teachers across the country are using the technology to transform learning. Called Laptopical, this repository of news stories and other real-life accounts explores the challenges and triumphs of laptop integration and looks to provide some insight into how technology is quickly changing the nature of teacher-student relationships. “Teachers are no longer merely dispensers of knowledge,” offered one contributor, who added that educators must become “facilitators” in what is an increasingly digital learning environment. What do students think of the laptop trend? According to proponents of the high-tech movement, most find it invigorating. Rather than dealing with one-dimensional lectures, for instance, teachers now can engage the internet to show relevancy to daily life, not to mention countless other benefits, supporters say. With this web site, new ideas and applications are just a mouse click away.

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