NOVA’s “scienceNow” receives upgrades, accolades

Launched earlier this year, the “scienceNOW” web portal–the online companion to the popular television series NOVA–reportedly is now the most popular destination on the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) web site. Updated regularly, the site is home to a host of interactive features designed to pique visitors’ interest in science. Features added recently include Dispatches, a live, in-the-field report from members of NOVA’s production crew about upcoming stories; feedback and discussion boards, where students are invited to share their thoughts on various programs with others members of an online forum; Mini Robots, an online exploration of MIT scientist James McLurkin’s work on miniature robots and its potential applications; Brain Activity, an interview with neuroscientist Daniel Glaser, who explains his take on how the brain responds to the movements of others; Name That Sound, a guessing game that pairs everyday sounds with the mysteries of science; How Do They Know That, which explains how scientists discovered that the amount of energy released in an average hurricane is equivalent to 200 times the worldwide electrical generating capacity; Watch Online, a way for students to watch NOVA programming on their computers; Science News, a current update on the latest scientific findings as reported by the mainstream media; and Get Involved, which invites visitors to donate to science by sending the producers their ideas for future NOVA installments.

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