$500,000 in subscriptions to web-based instructional software

LearningStation Inc., a provider of customized web-based desktops for teaching and learning, has initiated a grant program entitled “I Will LEARN Today!” Through this program, LearningStation will provide grants for schools to receive access to the company’s Education Desktop. The Education Desktop gives students and teachers access to a comprehensive suite of instructional programs, software content, and professional development programs of their school’s choice; schools can choose from more than 12,000 programs from 75 content publishers. This desktop portal also gives administrators tools to track and report on program use, features password-protected access to all content titles, and includes features for file storage, eMail, and many other functions. LearningStation will provide $500,000 worth of subscriptions to this web service to K-12 schools or districts chosen to receive the grant. The number of LearningStation subscriptions grant recipients will get varies according to their circumstances.

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