More than $9 million for tech-prep programs

The Tech-Prep Demonstration Program enables consortia to carry out tech-prep education programs that involve the location of a secondary school on the site of a community college, a business as a member of the consortium, and the voluntary participation of secondary-school students. Students, schools, and teachers must work to improve student achievement, meet high standards for graduation, and increase transition and persistence rates in postsecondary education. Tech Prep programs combine at least two years of secondary education with a minimum of two years of postsecondary education in a non-duplicative, sequential course of study. They integrate academic, vocational, and technical instruction and utilize work-based and worksite learning. Tech Prep programs also provide technical preparation in a career field and build student competence in math, science, reading, writing, communications, economics, and workplace skills. A portion of the award may be used to provide education and training in career areas or skills in which there are significant workforce shortages, including the information technology industry. Programs must lead to an associate’s degree or postsecondary certification in a specific career field and employment placement. The estimated range of awards is $700,000 to $800,000 for the 60-month project period. An estimated 13 such awards will be given.

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