Get nearly a decade’s worth of ed-tech expertise in one place

Funded by the U.S. Department of Education’s National Center for Education Statistics, the Forum for Unified Education Technology Suite is a collection of online research materials designed to help schools assess, integrate, and manage their ed-tech projects. The information available through the suite was culled from four influential scholarly reports: “Safeguarding Your Technology,” a 1998 paper on information technology and network security; “Technology @ Your Fingertips, Version 2.0,” a 2001 report that explores how technology can help schools meet their educational goals; “Technology in Schools (2002),” an online handbook intended to facilitate the assessment of technology to support elementary and secondary education in the United States; and “Weaving a Secure Web Around Education,” a 2003 guidebook for developing web site content relevant to the different stages of schooling. Although some of these reports are several years old, much of the information has been updated to reflect any changes that have occurred since their original publication. The combined suite incorporates the expertise of more than 225 educators who participated in the development and review of these resources.

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