The Principals’ Partnership, sponsored by Union Pacific Railroad, is a professional resource program for public high-school principals dedicated to improving school leadership through a number of opportunities, including research, networking, and workshops. Its web site provides information and online assistance for high-school reform efforts and a virtual community of principals who share ideas, strategies, and stories of improvement in their own schools. The site includes dozens of research briefs covering a wide range of educational topics, from the pros and cons of block scheduling to differentiated instruction and staff development, among other issues. A public-relations section includes resources to help principals better their school’s standing within the community and communicate more effectively with parents. The program also includes excerpts from leadership journals, a list of suggestions for school improvement, and links to professional development and research resources for improving the quality of education in the nation’s schools. More than 800 public high-school principals in key communities served by Union Pacific Railroad participate in the program, and Union Pacific’s goal is to have more than 1,000 principals from its 23-state service territory enrolled by 2007.

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