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iLife in the Classroom

This site from Apple Computer includes case studies of how educators have used Apple’s free iLife suite of applications–including iMovie, iPhoto, and Garage Band software–to support project-based learning in the classroom. It also includes more than 100 lesson plans for incorporating the software into instruction.

Student-Created Video Workshop

Video is the story-telling tool of our culture. It requires a mastery of basic skills like researching, reading, writing, and speaking. Video production also involves problem solving, collaboration, and the ability to gather and analyze data. This site from the Southern Oregon Education Service District includes articles and information to help educators incorporate student video production into their lessons. It also includes links to other video production articles, tutorials, and web sites.

Schoolhouse Video

Schoolhouse Video is a collaborative project between Janet English, a middle school science teacher in California’s Saddleback Unified School District, and Hall Davidson, director of educational services for KOCE-TV. The project has three main objectives: (1) To empower K-12 students to use cutting-edge technology to create broadcast-quality videos; (2) to give K-12 students, teachers, parents, and administrators a forum in which to share stories about their schools; and (3) to provide videos for television broadcast so the community can share in many of the good programs in the nation’s schools.

The Oral History Project

The Oral History Project, in conjunction with the Library of Congress’ Veterans History Project, uses interactive multimedia to foster understanding between generations about the events surrounding wars or conflicts in which the United States has participated. Students interview war veterans, survivors, and descendants and capture these interviews on film to submit for addition to the MINDS public Oral History Project web site. While the online videos are free to view, there are fees for participating in the interview capture project.

Teaching & Learning with Digital Video

Created by Greg Marten of Lenawee Independent School District, this site provides links to selected resources on digital video in education.

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